Master Guy Le Claire

Master Guy Le Claire

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Sifu Guy Le Claire is a humble person and he finished his Headcoach Training course with Pang sir here in Hong Kong. He is living in SA of Australia and is approved teaching the King 12 Moves for promoting health benefits in different aspects according to human biology, and the fa jin mysterious power in an interesting and safe way by modern physics of momentum law.

Master Guy has a very keen interest in Chinese culture and is a very famous musician in profession both here in Hong Kong and Australia country. He lived in China for three years to learn Chinese kung fu and finally come to Pang Sifu for learning mysterious fa jin power by means of modern scientific ways. Master Pang is the founder of modern scientific Tai Chi. He wrote two books about the scientific fa jin theory and repeated the fa jin demonstrations of ten world grand masters in the DVD attached since year 2012. He further does a 12 episodes tv program in year 2016  and reveal the application of the world most advance skills for tai chi power. At the same time, Guy joined the First World Champion Kung Fu Marble Power and win a Gold Prize Award, a game for training and test internal kung fu in a safe and interactive way by internally delivery of body weight, developed by Pang Sifu.

Guy Photo with Master Pang
King Tai Chi Song by Singer Kung Fu Girl Ma Li Yin
Speech on Kung Fu Mechanics
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Guy understood the power described in many kung fu frictions after following master Pang and is enlightened in mind about real kung fu. He believes this modern physics King Tai Chi is readily spreading to western developed countries based on its innate bio-physics nature.