東西方太極大師功法觸手比試 West and East Tai Chi Grand Masters Touch Hand

第一回:平白的力學非太極也 Round 1: Plain Physics cannot carries the tai chi real substance

彭先生您好:Dear Mr Pang, How are you:

過年我趁這幾天假日把書用心看完了, 一過完年診所病患多起來, 很忙碌, 您愷切得回了一封信給我, 我理應把讀書的心得向您報告, 但是本人的境界不高, 怕寫出來貽笑大方, 如果有不對的地方還請你指正, 如果你很忙碌不必回信給我, 海內存知己天涯若比鄰, 我很敬重你高尚的心懷, 但是唯恐增加你的負擔。Thanks for your last letter and I respect you very much on your integrity. I read through your book “Tai Chi Jin Mechanics-Zhao Bao Style” once after my clinical works during Chinese New Year and has to report to you my feeling. Please correct me if I am wrong because my level is not that much. If you are busy, no need to give me a reply as this may burden you further. Being real friend understand each other, “even living corners of the world is still neighbor”.

太極拳是中華文化裡面非常寶貴的瑰寶, 我寧願將它比做‘道’, 老子說:道可道非常道, 過去多少太極拳的先哲 對太極拳發表了很多言論, 各有各的貢獻, 但是正如老子說得 好,道可道非常道, 單純的定律(theory) 恐怕不是那麼容易把太極拳道盡。Tai chi quan is our China cultural essence and is precious and I rather call it “Tao” There are many sayings from ancient masters and each made their contributions, just like ancient teacher Loa , “Tai Chi  is a unique Tao among Taos” and may not be able to explain by your simply theory.

您的書圖文俱美, 文化素養高, 用字遣詞典雅, 讀來非常舒服, 圖片舉證非常貼切, 常常讓人莞爾一笑, 您的立論有獨特的地方, 但是我覺得有些內家前輩也有類似的說法, 你可以上網查一查孫存周的`孫存周手稿`,形意拳的龍虎二氣,還有youtube裡有不少講“胯”的秘密, 陳式太極拳前輩陳中華先生, 一系列的片子將胯及所謂骨盆腔的應用發揮得淋漓盡致, 很多形意拳八卦拳的內家高手打出來的效果也是非常驚人的 ,因為您的趙堡太極拳還是屬於陳式太極, 對於楊式太極的空鬆圓活理解不多, 當年楊露禪在北京能被稱為楊無敵, 自然有他厲害的地方。Your writing is fluent, beautiful and even the printing is of high quality, pictures are amusedly touching and I feel your sense of humour and enjoy reading it joyfully. There are many senior internal kung fu masters having similar saying, just like Xingyiquan dragon two air, Sun manuscripts, Chen style master Chen CW, and also a lots of YouTubes clips available talking about “hip arc”and the power is also tremendous. Your Zhao Bao is a branch from Chen style, thus may not understand about the “relax” of the Yang style. Years ago, Grand Master Yang LS was nick name Undefeatable Yang, can see his power.

我學的是鄭曼青鄭子太極, 楊式太極的一個分支, 我們鄭曼青宗師的厲害自然有很多事蹟的佐證, 我的老師是個佛教徒,一輩子參禪練拳,絕無外鶩, 也是厲害的不得了, 從他身上我看到了空和鬆的厲害  , 空和松到了極致近乎神明, 常常有不可思議的感覺, 我老師說有的事情不是光是意氣勁的物理現象可以解釋的,我想 您以後往這一塊去琢磨, 相信一定有很多新的發現。 到了4月, 我又有幾天假期想把你的書再讀一遍, 謝謝你的來信,祝您健康快樂。I learnthe Chen man-ching Style, a branch from Yang style and there are a lot of materials supporting my point of view. My master is a buddhist  and he studied it all through his life and never other and is also excellent in his skills, see jin through like Buddhist.  From him, I learn the stunning power of emptiness and relaxation and approaching the eternity with always very special feeling.  My teacher said, something cannot simply be explained by physics phenomenon, I think if you can focus on this to dig deep, it could be many beneficial discovery on this path. I will re-read your “Jin Mechanics” in April once I become free. Thanks for your letter introducing your book and Fa Jin Mechanics and wish you  happy and healthy.

第二回:“平白”使一般人都能學董  Round 2: “Plain Physics” can teach all students know how

先生你好,Dear Mr, How are you:

十分感謝你寶貴的時間和精神,希望不致使你太失望,你十分有君子之風彩。你分享的經驗見識廣博,使人配服。Thanks very much for your precious time and mental effort and wish that you were not too disappointed.  You are really a senior gentleman with critical mind. Your sharing on your experience shows that you are knowledgeable, humble and put me to the ground.

我見識並不如先生廣博,你所提的人事 ,部分從好幾位經驗見識多廣的徒弟知悉,特別是鄭老師的事,知先生的均為真知高見。佛道之義亦只從家師聽聞極少許,自己亦是孤漏少聞。剛昨天與弟子團拜,亦再次討論了相似的問題。有兩位出席者,一是序言者何先生,一位是李先生,他們已隨我練習約二年的時間,亦只練了簡易的十二式,專門學習物理內功發勁,卻非精專於拳意用法。兩人均自感在拳藝上有突破,自信心大增,即席互探對方內勁,十分投入,但亦安全,並沒有過份,能處理轉化勁力,通透向席上各人解說過程中的原理,其中李更說是突然明白了,所以於國內專程驅車南下來與師兄弟分享興奮心情。李年70,年輕時隨名師習藝,國學詣藝不淺 ,他在查証不少名著後,才在序言寫下虛弦之說的害處。何則從驚恐癥中復元,近月亦在物理勁法上通透明白,他們物理功法有所成形,只約兩年,當然他們是用我設計的定式發勁方法,不想加入招式的自衛目的 ,但要保持內功發勁的樂趣。 My knowledge spectrum is far behind from Mr, only part of those you mentioned I heard from my students, especially your denomination founder- Grand Master Cheng, and learn that Mr opinions are of most valuable kind. I heard little from my master about Buddhism and Taoism theory when I learn tai chi from her. But luckily before your letter, I also discussed similar topic with my students in our Chinese New Year gathering and wish to share with you. Among the table, One is Lei and other is Ho, both wrote the preface for  Jin Mechanics, they follow me for about two years now and just practice the King 12 Moves specifically for fa jin mechanics, but not for defending skills as in the Zhao Bao 72 Moves. Both got a break though almost the same time and they trial out each other with the internal jin safely and appropriately around the table Both feel the power and can explain to the other their internal interaction though with no movement. They just cannot cover their joy in the break through and Lei travel from China southward from his business to the gathering because of the morale ignited and must seek a chance to tell fellows. Lei is in his 70, and followed famous teacher to study martial art and got an iron arm. He has an indeep knowledge in sinology and has been searching ancient paradigms before putting down the words “the harm from ambiguous sayings and explanation” in my preface. Ho formulates his tai chi skills in two years and recovered from his 10 year long year phobia and of course, he practice freeze fa jin for health purpose.

我和他們分享了西方的二句說話來鼓勵他們在力學上要想通,Do the right thing with the right reason. Do the right thing with the wrong reason.前者進步神速,後者須靠運氣,當然千練萬練,可以提升運氣,亦偶有精彩的大師不時而起。 I share with them a western saying in order to encourage them to speed up learning our physics fa jin, “Do the right thing with the right reason. Do the right thing with the wrong reason”. The first one leads a person to progress a thousand miles a day.  The last one has to depend on luck, and of course, the tradition practice for ten thousand time a day will promote the chance of hitting the right moves, thus there are still grand master emerging from time to time.

中國發明了火藥,千年之後西方亦用其邏輯推理找到其威力背後的科學reason, 故才一日千里,領導世界。物理發勁方面,自牛頓起已有了發勁reason,只是其它因素未能齊備於西方。The fireworks were invented by Chinese people. See what happen after the western logical mind unveil the “right reason” behind the power and they are leading the world now. From the time of Isaac Newton, they already got the “reason” there, only that the other factors are not yet ready in western side.

國內亦有一位到香港學習小劉,他在國內常練趙堡的,在網上學習有年多,到港亦感受到內勁之龐大和能直接提升而感吃驚,他是學得不錯,但還是為了保健原因,要用招式的話,他自已還得用功。但乃有對物理內功難明白之處,一星期前寫電郵再問的。因為發勁原動力是重力,重力藏於骨質無感覺神經,有經驗的仍然是不容易了解。From China, our student Lau, he practices Zhao Bao style years ago, and learn King 12 Moves for about one year on the web, still he was astonished when he felt my tremendous jin power and also he reached his jin power to his physical limit almost instantly. But he still asks something you need to comprehend the theory of momentum. Because the jin power has its origin from gravity, even with experience, it still take time and practice to have it understood thoroughly.

以物理力學發勁,使人知道太極拳勁力的限制,如在人造衛星上,大師亦用不了功法。在地面對付獅子大象,因重心較人穩定,是注定失敗。倒立時因重力不流經可供拉動的關節,亦無法打出內勁。因而按物理知道發勁是重力現像,並因而知勁法極限,亦不會如先輩等過了火位,對自己身體做成永久傷害,亦有做成如凌空發勁笑柄而不自知。物理方法好處是明白之後,很快能達到自身的物理極限而欣喜難禁,單獨的定式,是更快能感受到。Based on Physics law, we know the restrain on tai chi and predict the limitation accurately. Like, if a grand master is on space station, he can have no skills applied, to defend lion and elephant on the ground must fail because of the moment difference, standing up side down  cannot get the gravitational force flow through the body utility to hit the centre of gravity(CG). Knowing the tai chi by law of physics will not fall into trap that one day, a strike can be effective even without a touch, or like some senior, push their body over the limit and regret. The advantages of understanding the jin mechanics physics is anyone can access the physical limit very rapid and safe, with overwhelming joy as from my students which cannot be denied.

昨天亦有朱醫名師在席,他亦為序言者,年近七十,在意拳的輩分和功力均高,曾走訪中國各地,氣功、點穴均精,但凌空發氣與另些醫師弟子分享,均能即場驗証,惜我以物理力量發勁,並無取得破解此法鑰匙,故只能存擋於X-file,直到適當的工具出現為止,我從前破解基督教聖經千年謎底,生物學謎底,了解宇宙時空的現像,發勁的重力現象 ,亦經此相同過程,只是存擋時不要扭曲,和影響檔案內容。朱醫師亦十分尊重我對此乃門外漢,適時停止 。我亦常告訢各人,若是氣功的範圍,我是不董的,若是物理要接觸才放勁到對手的,除他來自另一個宇宙,不然應都能明白。自此有很多弟子從網上抽來大師們的動作,亦有口述,亦有親身被人試過的,都曾拿來給我,我想,我不一定須要全都能解的,我相信沒有做老師是這樣開始的,但慨然我們相信所有功法動作都是重力現像,應能做到,故然有些動作並不是立即解開,要用上幾星期的時間,但到現在,只要重力物理,暫未有弟子拿來問教是解不開的,當然每解開一次之後,重力現像的分析和應用是教學相長的,這個訓練不無幫助,物理力學上的自信心亦有增無減。近月朱醫師醒覺了功法上的先入為主學拳容易改拳難的問題,每每課後用心思考,回來後攻堅之前所學的困難,昨天分享和功法示範,亦見理順,心中甚喜。Yesterdays, we also have Chinese medical doctor Chu, almost 70 yo, very famous in his specialty, he is very senior in xiquan. He has been in the country around and learning Qigong, Dimak and other martial art. He demonstrated qi projection to my other chinese medical doctor students who are also skilful in the same area. Unluckily, I have no key to open the file and has to put it into the X-file until suitable tools can unlock the secret of qi. I keep the X-file until I get the key and has successfully, unlock the thousand year Christian biblical mystery, understanding the biological life, the time-space phenomenon in the universe, the fa jin mechanics in a similar manner, but only that one should not distort the information when putting it into X-file. Dr Chu respects my skills very much and he always stopped sharing appropriately. I always tell that I know nothing about qi but is perfectly sound in fa jin mechanics except that someone who come from other universe and obey other set of physics rule. Thereafter, many students bring me Youtubes of fa jin, and I think no teacher needs to know all the explanation as a teacher, but if I am really using the right reason of fa jin, I could be able to do so. Therefore, I attempt to solve these, even oral description of my students experienced from their previous masters. So far, none was left unsolved. And it also build up my self confidence to a great extend on fa jin physics. Dr Chu also shows a rapid improvement in his skills recently and I am very pleased with that.

前幾星期有學拳一年多的一位,代我示範一夫擋關的動作,我是他的第一位老師,他未全面掌握勁法,但幾個內勁動作已達人體物理極限,已然成熟,當然我們用來自得其樂的抄雜玩法,並不須要達到大師的功力,只須到達自己槓杠極限,心中的自信是不能欺騙自己和外人的,定必自然流露難禁,他們都事業有成,練功是求樂趣和健康,天下無敵不是我等現代社會的方向。昨天剛有一位曾經追隨名師習藝多年的,心中痛說停學前是Total Loss的決定,唯在我第一課時已解開他心中不少功法疑問,當我幫他裝置處理勁力的陀螺結構時,已看到他的眼睛放光。這是Do the right thing with the right reason 的重要意義和結果—–進步快速。Several weeks ago, I have a student who did the One Man Brand performance for me, I am his first teacher in martial art. He is yet to master the skills from a bird eye view but did several freeze fa jin demonstration unto his physical limit maturely. Of course, we are of playful type and not necessarily reaching the same power of grand master. But once a person reached his own personal limit, their heart cannot deny the real joys there. They are successful in their business and learn fa jin because of its healthy and interesting nature, it is not our aim to be world champion. Around the table, also a new student, he mentioned it as a Total Loss when he decided to give up learning tai chi decades ago as he pay a lot of effort and still cannot gear into it. But in my first class installing the gyroscope for him, his eye was sparkling and he mentioned to me that I solved his years old questions with this force construct.

據紀老師說,趙堡歷代掌門姓氏不同,其他各派是從主幹上,用自己的姓氏把太極拳私有化。但因我並無資歷和時間去考查,我只能按老師所說的去告訴人。我徒弟有遇過鄭子的,年亦近 70,有專誠把他的著述取來給我看的,但因我無時間,他們再影來幾頁功法有關的,他在內中亦言是把所知的物理功法全都寫下,他為大師受美國科學教育,定為真言,惜只幾個物理圓形幾何,功法相關難找,他的功力無人懷疑,據其所說亦知功法謎團可用物理現象破解,但在他的年代,亦可見並不容易用物理方法把秘密分解。According to Master Ji, the different grant masters of  Zhao Bao has different family names in the Zhao Bao town. The others are the branches that privatized the main branch by their own family name. Since I am not senior enough and have no time to do the research, I could just tell what was told by my master. One of my students met Grand Master Cheng years ago and is now almost 70yo.  Another copy Master Cheng paradigm to me but it is too lengthy and they then photocopy several of the pages that related to physics jin skills to me. Master Cheng mentioned inside, he put all those secret and left nothing for himself with that physics within that  several pages. I trusted him because he is a grant master educated in science in USA but found it difficult to find jin related except several pages of geometrical diagrams. I have no doubt in his skills but the science background at that moment does not allow him to crack it open by this way, but in his heart, he seemingly to think that there is a scientific way.

我以重力破解謎團並不容易,我好幾位理工科背景的大學弟子亦返覆問過小劉類似的問題。最後能明白的,亦經過兩年多,才能通透明白。他們這樣途徑明白的,亦董分析別人運勁的方法,目光如炬,亦董傳受別人。鄭大師詣藝非凡,絕不是我等以拳玩樂之輩可比,我等亦無法抽幾十個十年來效法貴師奠,請不好再叫我等懶惰之輩與之靠邇,亦不敢稱貴師奠名號。只是我亦按貴師奠的定意,最終以重力破解了他想完成的心願,亦得來不易。敬請珍愛,亦歡迎討論,因我的道理完備,弟子們都提出過多次考難,練功夫就只是單顧享受自得其樂的境界罷了。亦因我有基督教的背景,我亦是香港大學理學士,曾是中學統領科學教育的總主任,我是很難從另一些源頭去尋找的,打從第一天我隨紀老師學習,我已是從人體力學去考究她的功法的,直到現在三十年後,破解她的深厚內勁力量,仍然在這方面進步,並且弟子的進步亦快,重力的話題要再有機會才能再談。但我是感謝先生的度量和學識,若能明白我們的物理勁力,必定影響很多人,為了推廣此影響巨大的功法,我是自資建立了勁太極學院的網上公開教學,因為我們的發勁方法,根本就是走路的方法,既然如此,勢必影響每一種運動和每一個人,希望你在這過程中有份,歷史必銘刻閣下的名號,有幾會的話,我很渴望到台灣與閣下會面,親證物理動量力學之不虛,期希指正,並不棄我單以物理觀世界的淺薄和基督教背景思想之等次。I use gravitational theory to crack open the fa jin secret is in no way a easy path. Together with Lau, there are several science background students asked the same question. Those who finally clarify and apply the concept are able to promote to the mastery, in addition, their eye are sharp, know how to diagnose jin skills of performers from different background, and most valuably, know the way to pass on the skills quick and efficient. Master Cheng is most respectful in his power and skills and we are not daring to get close to him because we prefer the interest and lazy way of the sport. Please allow me not to follow your master way. However, I also work it out your Master Cheng wills along the path he once intended and does it well and resolve the hundred years mystery. Please value my effort and you are welcome to discuss, but I have been inspected and tested by many of  my own students and my theory stand perfectly well, the only shortcoming is that we focus more on the leisure playful side of fa jin skills. I came from a Christian background, I have a degree in Science from HKU, I was also the chairman of secondary school science education, it seems too difficult for me dragging myself and forgive me I will not start a search from another foundation suggested by respectable Mr. From the very first day that I follow Master Ji, I sought the reason from science and it has been 30 years now. I cracked open her way of doing it, and is still progressing fast and my student too. For the gravity theme, I have to save it to next time. I am in debt for Mr generous and most valuable opinion that Mr can one day walk with me, you will affect and help a lot of people in your locality. In order to promote our revolutionary fa jin by gravity, I pay on my own the King Tai Chi Academy to conduct the open learning my physics fa jin. Our way of fa jin is in fact a walking movement, and if so, it will definitely affect every man on the planet, and I sincerely wish you can be with me in this critical moment, and the history will engrave your name on it. Once opportunity arise, I am eager to visit you in Taiwan, to prove to you personally, our physics fa jin is so solid and rock hard. Hope that you will not turn me down because of my simple physics and the Christian type of thinking.

務必請到www.kingtaichi.org 看看我的決心。To see my determination, please must visit  www.kingtaichi.org , our Academy.

第三回:影響深遠的勁太極力學技巧Round 3: King Tai Chi universe physics skills impact profoundly to mankind


不愧言見識淺薄,唯在太極拳物理勁法的原理上,則常向門內弟子愚稱已至臻者,亦知恥,故遇事必和弟子討論,因他們均見識甚廣,若先生之材華深廣難度,來時均獨自搜尋我名,見面時亦考量我功法。我亦寧願他們稱我為老師或彭Sir或教練亦可, 愧不敢受師奠之稱號。勁太極學院成立之時機,亦正好修正,使各方好友可隨時如專業進修與彭Sir討論,進入學院進修研究,來去自由,立平台讓好友交流。Shame to tell that I am shallow in my scopes of knowledge, but within my scope of fa jin physics, I foolishly claim to my students, I am almost undefeatable in the theory application. I know my short-coming, thus I always pass my discussion to my students, who are almost as board as you honor Mr. All of them came by searching my name, tested me on my fa jin skills application and because of their seniority, I prefer them to call me teacher, Pang Sir, or coach, but not sifu.  During the establishment of King Tai Chi Academy, it is a good opportunity that I reminded them to discuss with Pang sir, come into the academy freely as the web intent to serve as a platform for friends to discuss with me.

以動量力學觀世界,見我內功可幫助者,走路跑步至骨痛者如恆河沙數,比比皆是,唯多至病患傷痛才尋找名醫,過後復發,亦有運動和練功者,誰未受創,均不知內勁須引導順關節而走過,乏人體關節應用的物理認識,誰不尋求提升功力和表演!唯不董人體內重力流動應用原理。Analyzing by momentum law, there are numerous joint pain people that I can help, even after medication it recurs again and again. Those who are keen at sport, must have suffer due to little knowledge of fa jin according to the joint structure. Those who want a supreme performance, bar by their lack of knowledge about the flow of gravity.

言談間己知先生材藝淵博,胸襟廣闊,不吝指教,意真情切,事事為同道切想,著力前輩名聲,必為一派宗師。 我等人數雖少,著書最多三冊,唯必影響後世巨大深遠,修此信件,希先生能深入了解,在彼處推動宇宙物理力學勁力技巧,做福更多人群。亦希先生不要誤會我等中英文名稱高傲自大,因亦非我材梳之輩能以起名。勁太極是列永同(Tony Lit)博士,與會員玩樂定式發勁之感受,因其能用簡短三字代表我等在勁法研究,故其意準確,他亦自行找內地書法名家寫來三字送贈,故亦受其意簡言精。英文King Tai Chi 是一新近學員馬崑崙先生(Anthony Ma),理工科背景,明白我並非發明了絕世武學,對大師功法,亦無甚創建,只以物理力學理順、整理功法背後神秘力量,而且放諸四每皆準,大師亦不得不從這宇宙物理力量,否則人人得而動之,是宇宙這皇者的定規,故稱King亦合本意,它亦是勁的廣東話語音譯。From your conversation, knowing Mr is respectable in knowledge and manner, telling the truth to fellows humbly, protecting senior reputation, and must be a grand master yourself. In spite of our group is still small in number, intent to write only three books, but will have our long and deep impact ever since in sport history. To present this letter in order for Mr to have a deeper insight on our momentum physics, the universal law for fa jin, so you may consider promote it to your locality, blessing more people. Wish Mr not to misunderstand that we are arrogant by noting just our Chinese and English names. To tell you the shame that I am not the one who give the two names. The Chinese name “Jin”(it means very strong) was suggested by our Dr Tony Lit who feel it so powerful and name it “Jin”, then he went on to ask a famous calligrapher to wrote the three words down to us. But still the name is simple and also tells the fact of our research focusing in fa “Jin” methods, thus was accepted by me. The English “King” was named by Anthony Ma, another member, because he think of our fa jin skills all obey the rules of momentum physics. No exception even a tai chi grand master, Pang sir discovered the rules of the universe, the king that govern all jin, thus matches the meaning well on other ways. Finally, King is the Cantonese pronunciation of the “Jin”.

希望先生能讓時間念完我之心蹟,再到網上觀摩www.kingtaichi.org,探求真相,成為會員,多作交流,待機會一到定必親自前往貴處,與先生分享,使這宇宙物理力學的好處:發勁興趣、保健養生,精神減壓和功力快猛的好處先臨閣下貴境。墾望先生介時領路。 I beg Mr to spend time to finish reading it all and visit our web site www.kingtaichi.org to look for the truth from another side, communicating with each other, sharing the fa jin interest, health and protection, relaxing the mental pressure and a boost in fa jin power, if opportunity arise, will visit your locality and beg you again leading my way.

但為何這太極拳、武術、運動、走路跑步的共通動量奧秘,到現在才有人發現呢? Why it is this fa jin skill for tai chi, martial art, walking, and running been resolved until now?

Case A
以下是初十我們討論的部分內容,具啟發性,供你消閒。重力的原理,亦不易容了解,功法是調度重力的技考。由於重力一直存在,高級的心法是用意行勁,快速無比,順著對向量方向(vector direction)的掌握,占黏連隨,捨己從人,借力打力,以柔制剛,後發先致,威力驚人。很多時連我自己都吃驚,因為我只是順應宇宙物理應用出來,之前亦未見其震撼,未想過自己的內勁可以這樣,與我院學員同感一驚。Below is content of discussion during our CNY gathering which reveal the difficult nature in understanding the gravity effect in fa jin. The gravitational effect always exist, it is the way to aware and using it accordingly to the vector direction, usually with the will or mental intention of the cerebrum, fast as lightening sometime to an astonishing degree even to surprise the fa jin master, achieving sticky hand, following moves, force borrowing, soft stunning the steel, last but first arrival phenomenon and powerfully synchronize with the law of universe. Both students and the master could be stunned by the first seen degree of strength.

选取了一两节翻看,感觉比第一部更细致和全面,有问题我再向老师请教。只是老师如果在书里叙述的那么仔细,又如何开馆收徒?可以买本书照着练习即可啊。这是学生愚见。初学者固然不理解,但很多一知半解的赵堡大师不会借用老师的成果然后再去收费教人吗?学生担心老师成果会被人剽窃。Selectively read through a section of Jin Mechanics, master mentioned fa jin in great detail, elementary learner may not understand, but those who has experience, especially from Zhao Bao, may steal it from master and charges their own students. This is my foolish opinion.

因为没有细看老师的著作所以,有个问题请教一下老师,就是:丹田重心球在拳式运动中是怎样和髋骨(胯部)配合运动的,比如金刚或者单鞭,也就是重心球撞击髋骨,还是髋骨撞击重心球,还是,不考虑重心球只用左右两个髋骨(胯部)去运动做功。有时候我明白,可是练着又糊涂了,有些反复。谢谢老师。Not yet go into detail master paradigm Jin Mechanics, I want to ask a question. How is the CG ball in Dan Ten be coordinated with the hip bone(or socket) for fa jin like the moves in King Kong or Single Whip, is it the CG ball hit the hip bone or the hip bone hit the CG ball or else not to distinguish. Sometime in my practice I feel it correct but other time I was confused. Thank you master.


提你一下,髖骨的位置是管住重心位置的。所以髖骨的移動就是重心移動。Just a reminder, the position of the pelvis bone control the position of the Centre of Gravity(CG), the movement  of the pelvis is the movement of CG.

情況就如桌子的重心在桌面中間時,桌面被橫推向前一尺,亦就是重心向前移動了一尺 ,這很易理解。骨盤上有很多體重,就如桌面上平均地放了很多有重量的東西,不會影響重心的位置,卻會增加重心的重力。所以再推向前時,撞擊力會更大。其實有硬度的結構會收集掛在其上物件的重量把它送向地心,所以如果髖骨在大腿骨上轉動時,是帶著上面而來的體重的,就好像桌面的硬木載住在上面的重物的重量流經它時,把重量收集到重心。其實我們的樁柱小腿骨內,流經的重量是更大的,但那處沒有適當的位球窩關節,可以移動流經該處的重力。但用我們的內功樁,先是鬆了其中一胯,當骨盤移動時,拖起制動腿一起走向前,骨盤便加入制動腿的重量,在實施按勁時,腰腹肌肉把一只腿的重量亦歸入骨盤,所以便達全身的總重量,經手傳給對方,因而勁力驚人,亦無什動作,不知力從何來。The situation is the same as the CG of a table if it is at the centre. When the table top was pushed horizontally by one meter, then the CG also move by that same one meter, it is easy as that. The above of the pelvis carries weight of the body organ and structure, this is comparable to put a lot of stuff on top of table, if the stuff are evenly placed, the CG will remain at the same position, only that it become much heavier. If it were push again, the impacting force become much greater. In fact, all hard substance and matter are able to collect the weight of matter hanging, like water and lead the weight flow through it via the CG into the centre of the earth. In fact the weight that go through lower leg bone are greater than that in pelvis, only that we do not have the proper ball-and-socket joint structure to move the weight that flow through it. During the use of our taichi pillar, we release one socket and when the pelvis is in movement, we drag along the brake leg, thus add the weight of this leg to the pelvis also, when we contract our abdominal muscle the pillar leg weight also go into pelvis, increasing its strength drastically, passing out to opponent, it is an astonishing degree of power, but no movement and do not know where come the strength.

但為何這麽難,這麼長時間才能被人明白,發勁的本質是重力呢?記得上面的小腿骨,其實它在站立時和坐下時,流經同一處的重力是不同的,如果能夠如桌面以相同的速度撞向前的話,在站立和坐下時,撞擊力並不一樣,但由於骨沒有神經細胞告訴我們流經的重量,所以一直不容易弄清楚,只有太極拳在解釋發勁的神秘力量時,用過氣聚丹田這個虛虛弦弦的解釋。Why it take so long for someone to uncover and understand the fa jin has the very nature of gravity or weight effect? In fact the weight flowing through the same lower leg bone are different when sitting and when standing. If like a table top tossing forwards, the impacting force would be greater when it is in standing situation. But the bone does not have any nerve cell to tell us how much weight is flowing through there, it cannot be made clear until now with modern physics analysis. Only in the area of tai chi, there is blur saying about ‘condensing the air into Dan Ten’ to explain some mystery force observed.

這句話的貢獻是保留了在所有運動中重力的本體真身,實為地球的重力作用於人體 。另一方面,因它不能為正確的發勁提供準確的解釋,練功者無法藉這個虛弦的道理,得到功法提升的方向和方法,只是千練萬練之後偶有精彩,亦不要提系統地教育後輩,更無共通的平台可以把勁的內功推動到人類所有的運動中。這是西方人常說‘Do the  rght thing with the right reason’才能進步得快的原因,但大部分中國人在這運動上仍然堅持‘Do the right thing with the wrong reason.’              This ancient saying has its important contribution of preserving the true nature of fa jin as the body weight effect by gravity. On the other hand, it cannot provide a path, an accurate explanation for fa jin, no practitioner can reap the benefit of having the right reason and attaining mastery in short time, usually they take over a decade and with a lot injury and painful experience. Some people are coming off with flying colour after practicing decades, but even so they lack the precise reason and physics concepts to teach the junior, not to mention promoting on a communicable platform to all kinds of sports.

相反我們的發勁動作,實在就是走路和跑步的動作,那麽,在這物理力學搭建的平台上,有那一個人類的運動是我們發勁的理論和功力不能支援和幫助提升功力的呢?On the other side, our fa jin is the same as walking movements, and our physics platform does support our implication of fa jin into every human daily life, obviously, we promote the maturation of real kung fu fast, in fact, very fast.

我在香港大學念的是科學,學習生物和物理定律,到最終破解基督教聖經幾千年的謎底,邏輯的推理能力十分之強,藉著從紀老師得到的發勁經驗,亦順利把這幾百年的神秘發勁謎團解開,我清楚我若能把這個傳遞出去,我們的影響和貢獻將會十分具大,並非很多名人可以相比,我亦想藉這件具大工程,把社會所給我的,作為回貴很多人給我的機會和裁培。I studied Science degree in the University of Hong Kong, interested in biology and physics, until finally I crack open the thousands years mystery in Christianity, I have in-build a very strong logic, with the solid fa jin experience from master ji, and I also crack it open this hundred years mystery. I know that if I could tell the world about this, my influence will go unmatched. On top of it , I also want to give my feedback to the society that offer opportunity to me in my growth up.

若我不去公開發勁的秘密,再過幾百年,亦一定有人能收集所需的經驗,但到時在中國教太極的,可能是具邏輯思維的西方人了,因為他們一直都有牛頓力學這正確的解釋,只是未有足夠的發勁經驗,總有一次會為發勁找對了應用中的正確理由的。火藥便是其中一個好例子,西方找對了威力來源的正確道理,便能快速改良。If it were not me, several hundred years later, there are also some other who could gather similar experience, but that time, it may be western people who come to China to teach tai chi because the correct reason is always there since Isaac Newton time, it is only that they do not yet have sufficient experience on fa jin. However, still there is once upon a time, they will match it correctly. Ever since the invention of fireworks, the western logic spends thousand years to fix the reason for the fireworks power and is now leading the world military.

我開始了這場力學運動,之後的我也控制不了。但我用學院的方式來推動這場力學革命,的確是要靠各位學員徒弟嘗到好處後,一同幫助向外推介才能在經濟上站得穩的,我在網上公開教學是可以加快這個過程的,就算我並不計較藉網上經濟的回報,但要能在世界各處建立據點,亦要靠各位曾與我接觸過的,才能有力地站起來,代表學院。單單看過我寫的,他們可能已進到大學的書館,但要從中找出正確的道理,亦非一兩年的事,西方是用了千年之久來到達現在的水平呢。那倒不如直接向我請教好,因我樂意教,收費便宜,亦有方法教,只看書而能學得好的話,所有大中小學應已關門了,你亦是到了香港學習之後,才感受到此物理功法能把你帶到自我潛能的極限,而感到興奮和自信的,當然,這是要靠你們各位在各地為我傳出去才成的,因為最價廉物美的酒家,如無足夠的口碑和客人,下次去可能已結業了。所以請自己努力學習,享受到好處的,要告訴親友,幫他們,亦是幫酒家。After I start this Jin storm, I will have no control of it. I establish the Academy to promote the secret of fa jin continuously and it depends thereafter all members and students to carry on the introduction. The open learning design of the King Tai Chi Academy web can speed up this process, I do not count the economic benefit but it still depends on very much those who get touch with me to spread the message to new corners of the world. If they do it all on their own isolated island, it will take them long time. The western take years to achieve the current advancement, then why not wisely ask me and learn from me directly while I am still able to teach, willing to teach quite economically. Otherwise, even the best combination of high quality and reasonable price could not survive for long, I met some restaurant like this.

正如我在上次聚餐時說過,我們的人數少,但影響卻具大。我希望不要太耐才有影響。During last year half year meeting, I told our member that we are a small group but our impact are profound and tremendous. But I work hard to made it happen earlier.

與你分享,因你學得好,物理你能明,身體亦好轉,是很好的樣板,將來希望有機會到你那裹,幫你開班。To share with you these, because your progress are fast, could understand physics well and have a good turn around in health condition.

谢谢老师的明确指点,我明白了。Thanks master and I understand.
不过,曾经问过老师练拳时是否要意守丹田,老师的说法好像是要意守丹田的。按照传统的说法是:丹田应该是指肚脐处,或者脐下一寸处,或者是指小腹内。如果重心已经由髋骨决定,那么,是否还要意守丹田?有什么意义吗?或者不需要意守?另外,老师在书中提到“缠丝劲”,但在实际教学中老师并没有讲“缠丝劲”,但陈式太极拳提过缠丝劲。不知道内功十二式里面怎样体现了缠丝劲?可以举一例说一下吗?缠丝劲是怎样表现的?或者怎样运用?Master mentioned last time we have to use our “will on Dan Ten”. Traditionally, Dan Ten is a location inside the pelvis, if the CG is already controlled by the pelvis, do we need to have the will on Dan Ten, What is the meaning or just forget it? Further, master mentions in the Jin Mechanics about the jin in spiral but you did not mentioned it in your teaching, Chen style did mention this, do we have in the King 12 Moves this jin in spiral. Please give me an example? What is the observable outlook of this jin spiral? How to use it?

感谢老师的教导,让我明白了太极拳传播的重要性,也深为老师的探索科学的精神所折服。我因为特别原因一直未能与更多人接触,所以暂时没有时间要在本地教授赵堡太极拳,但已经教授了一两个好友学习。我可能计划在两年后才能有时间去在本地普及赵堡太极拳,包括老师传授的太极拳内功十二式和老师的太极拳科学机制原理,如果有疑问,我会向老师请教。Master, thanks for your teaching which let me understand the importance to have it passing on and also convinced by master respectful scientific way. I am not yet able to teach many people but is getting together with several of my friends to discuss with the matter. I plan to generalize Jin Mechanics of  King 12 Moves in the coming two years and will have to ask questions encountered when the time come.


丹田是拈指一個物理位置,重心是指流經該位置的重力,均找不到特別的結構,從生理來看,應為肌肉。所以重心應就是匯聚於丹田位置的重力。Dan Ten is a physical position where gravitational force flow through and there is not specific physiological structure found. In fact the place could be occupied by muscle. Thus the CG is a point condensing physical force that flow through Dan Ten.

意守丹田是指用大腦皮層的意識控制丹田位置周邊肌肉收縮,拉動骨盤窩和重心球,彈射出去。因為若按你的意守想法,看著丹田是沒意思的。意是運動神經元的作用,守是收縮重心周邊肌肉,把丹田的重心轉動向四正法的上下左右方向,但常言這些肌肉收縮,一定會拉動到骨盤,但骨盤並無神經,所以不會說成意守骨盤,運動上,意必藉神經元到達相關肌肉的。Will(Intention) guide the Dan Ten means the cerebrum continuously manipulates the periphery muscle, pull the pelvis and fire the CG ball. Because if it were according to you interruption by just “looking at” CG, it does not made proper sense. Will is a function of the motor neuron from cerebrum and guide means contracting the peripheral muscle which turns the CG ball towards different directions, and the contracting force has to be on moving the pelvis bone, but pelvis has no nerve, thus we do not say “the will on the pelvis bone”, in all sport movement, it is the nerve impulse arriving onto the muscle.

真理是越辯越明的,若未明,再提出。The truth will come out from discussion. Please raise your opinion if still yet to clarify.

我有徒弟亦說過你這點,我老師直接說過有,亦曾在趙堡架中示範纏絲勁,她用的是和兆元的圓圈來示範。這個我不去考究,因我只是用家,沒時間考究,只信她。Concerning about the “jin in spiral”, my other student mentioned your same view before, master Ji demonstrated grand master He SY circular path  once upon a time. I just adapt but not to research, and trust her because I am just a user.

但在物理應用中是不可能沒有此實際的。我的物理用詞是動量纏絲。今天和徒弟聚會,有二位剛進入纏絲的境界。纏絲中有兩個重要的物理力學,沒有纏絲之後指的若是行直線,便須要回頭,此刻是極大弱點,因為該移動是幫對手的負移動。 沒有纏絲之後指的若是停頓於絲上的某位置,是重力沒有移動,即動量等於零,成為一件不動的傢俱,亦是大弱點。只有勁走圓圈,纏絲的另一說法,才能保持長時間的具大力量和先機反應。In physics of momentum, it is not possible to move the CG without the jin spiral. In my modern term it is momentum spiral, if not then the CG ball has to travel straight line which is impossible for the joint structure design, in order to maintain a stable momentum. The momentum direction will have a zero speed and a negative value over half of the time. In addition, if not having momentum spiral means stop and stand still, the momentum is zero, just like furniture standing awaiting to be tossed away. Only if the CG rail could be maintained along a circular path, or spiral, that the momentum could last long.

我們整個套路都要保持著微少值的動量纏絲,若沒有就即是沒有太極上乘的內功勁力了。骨盤控制重心在軌道上不斷地移動,熟了套路之後就是把招式之斷裂連接起來,成為平滑暢順的軌道就是下一階段練習。動量纏絲的應用在內勁的產生、發放和互動練習上均十分重要。Our King 12 Moves has to maintain a minimal spiral momentum all the way through, if not it is not the supreme master yet. The pelvis bone drives the CG ball to roll along the rail continuously, after getting familiar with the each moves, one should get it connected in between so that in the next stage it can be perform smoothly. The spiral momentum can be applied to jin exercise in pushing hand, jin production and jin transmission and jin release.

不要太緊張去教人,與朋友討論、示範和研究已十分好,待他們有興趣可叫他們到勁太極學院學習和你和我一起討論,網址就是這樣用的,因有一正式的名分,加上你在傍指導,容易建立基地。No need to be worry, discussion and demonstration to friends are good enough. Until they got interest and you may ask them to join our King Tai Chi Academy to have discussion with me. That is the way you should use the web, via the web we can establish a proper membership relation for the teaching. Furthermore, you are by their side and we can establish a small group easily by this way.

但你不用急,只是減壓消閒活動,保持練習和討論,使自己思想靈活,待身體腹原。先多喝水,才練習,直到更換組織液,排汗排尿為止,之後再喝水,保持低濃度組織液才息休。Our activities both theory and practice are for your leisure amusement, keep discussion and practice that could clear your mind until your body fully recovered. Drink more water before each exercise so that the tissue fluid could be replaced by urination, then drink water again to keep a low concentration of the undesirable substance.

另外,勁力若能順關節而過,必不入關節內的韌帶,全部通過前往,所以無論怎樣練,若然出現膝和脊的痛癥,必有錯誤,定在未能順關節的要門上。Lastly, if you can move according to the joints, jin will not enter and damage the ligament, and go forwards until release. As a conclusion, no matter how you practice, if knee and back joints pain occurs, there must be a mistake in moving the joint.

Case B

先生,以下是我按物理應用,能準確指出鬆沉等背後的原因,在人體上的準確位置,預估作用消失的狀況,這是科學,亦是相同的感覺。Dear Mr, I use physics below to interrupt the sense of “relax and heavy” which I can predict the sensation or to gain the same sense.

我的理解,鬆是沉,空也是沉。空是美麗的感覺。是太極拳高人,用鬆沉給對手虛假的感覺。My understanding, “relax” is heavy, emptiness is also heavy. Emptiness is a beautiful sensation, is a tai chi grand master. Give opposition a fake sense by relax and heavy.

實是我不太董我的學員這句話。但我亦告知,以物理去理解會更準確,鬆了胯,讓骨盤重量下墜,自然是沉的感覺。鬆胯使陀螺懸空,順勢引進是空的感覺。但若讓陀螺鬆散了結構則無力可言,所以能按人體物理說明才是準確之道,功法才不會千練萬練,還要靠運氣。準確的道理,則一日千里。In fact, I do not real understand this my student words. But I still tell him about the way to understand by physics. When the socket is release and the body weight falling, it gives a sense of heavy. Release the socket and spin the gyroscope, is a sense of emptiness by jin Let, moving the CG ball in the same direction of the opposition. But if the gyroscope structure get loosen, there is not a way to fire the force. Thus, it is important to have the accurate location that has to be relaxed, the kung fu could be promoted to higher rank, rather than the tradition way, just do it a thousand times a day and still have to wait for the luck to occur. Knowing the exact physical construct, kung fu could jump thousand miles a day.

兩者都能達到致高境界,為何不走一條易掌握,快速的康莊大道呢?If both ways can achieve the supreme realm of real kung fu, why not choose a flat and paved way?

Case C


本人龍虎二氣未練成, 道德經境界未到, 但略知其貌, 多年來被坊間林林总总理論所困惑, 把佛道修持與練拳混淆, 須知龍虎二氣屬氣功範疇, 對養生固然好, 但對發勁幫助有幾大 ? 假若跑去練龍虎二氣, 至少十年八載, 單為練拳值得嗎 ? 再論道德經境界, 更是宗教範疇, 實與練拳関係不大, 道可道非常道與練拳更完全冇関係. 不信者請找修行道家內丹有成者請教. 讓你禪定再高到非想非非想處天,  與太極拳有何関係呢 ? 希望讀者能想清楚自己行佛道修行路還是練太極拳. 佛道修行非必要練太極拳, 練太極拳也非必要走修行路。I am not yet to the realm of Dragon and Tiger Air, nor the paradigm Tao Duck but know some of its appearance. There are enormous number of theories that caused my confusion, inserting Buddist and Tao into Fisting. Although the two airs are good for health but what is the relationship with that of tai chi exercise? If we go to learn that two airs, it may takes 8 to 10 years, if for tai chi sport, does it worth? For the Tao Duck paradigm, it relates to religious area, little relationship. This can be clarified for those who exercise Toaist internal Dan. Hope this reader can think careful which way he wants to go, if for religious, no need to waste time to play tai chi.

我本人自隨彭師傅學拳(只有二個月), 已解通多年練拳心結, 力學理論乃地球法則, 雖不能說唯一, 但最科學及易掌握, 彭師傅理論前人有冇提及我不清楚, 但我之前未聽過, 現在清晰練拳的前路了。After two months following Master Pang, I have resolve my years long fisting problems, the force theory is the Universal law, though it may not be the only way, it is easy to follow. Whether Master Pang theory was mentioned by other, I am not clear, but I never heard of it before and my way has been cleared for tai chi learning.

Case D
彭Sir,看到你讀者來信,我的看法是一,他誤以為趙堡是陳式太極的一個分支,其實陳式、楊式、孫式、吳式都是趙堡的分支。二,他提出的空鬆跟您說的空鬆是有分別嗎?如果照他所說那不是說太極拳只可意會不能言傳嗎?那叫我們怎麼去學。太極拳不能普及的主要原因就是教者擁術自珍輕易不傳人。而師傅您是無私地把一切奧秘都用科學的方法去解釋使所有學者都能在短期內入門。能否成為大師則要看個人的天份了。Pang sir, our reader mixed up Zhao Bao with Chen style, it should be that Chen and other style are branches from the Zhao Bao stem. He mentioned “relax and emptiness”, but then tai chi can only be learn by “will” and cannot via language?! Then how can we learn it? Tai chi cannot be popularized because the master are treasure it too much and never really want to pass on the knowledge. Master Pang selfishlessly, explain to us in full details and guide us into the essence from the beginning. Of course, whether we can achieve mastery depends on our own effort.

第四回:秘密傳授的東方太極典藉 Round 4: The Secretly passed on Tai Chi paradigm of the East

彭先生您好:Mr Pang, How are you:

很高興接到你的來信,因為信很長我並沒有全部看完,但是怕你懸念,先大略讀一遍,回覆給您,等到星期六假日時我再詳細閱讀。我過完年之後因為適逢台灣流行性感冒和諾羅病毒流行,非常忙碌,您上次提到參加你們社團的建議,我既敬重你的為人,又很有興趣,想在星期六和星期日有空時研究清楚再行動。Thanks for your replying letter but it is very long and not yet finish detail reading. After the CNY, my clinic were very busy caring for the influenza outbreak in Taiwan, concerning you may be worrying, thus reply as follow. I will spend time to get into detail the mention Academy due to my trust on your respectful personality this coming Saturday and Sunday.
I study Cheng Style, a branch from Yang Style which is quiet a big different from that you mentioned of your King Tai Chi, the way to practice is also different. You mention the muscle inside pelvis, which we should all forget, relaxed, and emptied. I quote some fa jin code for you from Yang Style.
1.發勁是一鬆,而不是一緊。意氣向外舒散,全身鬆、散,圓,意氣從頭向下鬆到腳心。再從腳心、踝、膝、胯、腰、脊椎,發勁點—肩—肘—腕⋯(逐節按點以鬆引導),到中指根,手指指方向,意氣通向對方的『中』 Fa jin is a relaxation not a tension. Will air travel outwards, whole body relax, loss, round, from head downwards to the feet central. Then from feet central, upwards to ankle, knee, socket, waist, vertebral, then point for fa jin, shoulder, elbow then wrist, each segment was is guiding by relax, unto middle finger, direction by finger, mind will towards other centre.

2、以意導引,用意不用力,意念不在手臂,不能用手臂進攻,手只通過意氣,不發勁,手指指方向,用意氣貫出,節節貫串,通出去。If guided by will, no need strength apply, intention not on arm, not moving through by arm, only lead will current to go through, no fa jin, the direction according to finger pointer, use will to press it through each section, and let out.
3,發勁時各個關節都要鬆開,把勁發出去後,各關節還是鬆散著的。如抽鞭梢,各節都是散著的,只有散著,才能靈活,勁才能出去。During fa jin, every segment has to be relaxed, and let go the jin, all segment still maintaining a relaxed stage, like moving a whip, every segment not in place, only if dislocated will it be swift and jin can pass out.
4.發勁時,手、腕、肩、肘放鬆,腰腿放鬆,沒有一點僵勁,只是意氣向外舒散,勁由夾脊發,全身向外擴散。During fa jin, relax at location hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, waist, leg relax. Not a trace of stiffness, only move the will air outward, jin out from two side back, whole body diffuse outside.
5.發勁時,手在接觸的地方找點,找到合適的點後,手、臂、肩、肘、腰等都不管了,只是意氣向外舒散。During fa jin, hand looks for point in touch, once get it right, forget the body segment, the will current let go outside.
Fa jin has to be clean, the location for releasing the jin must not be mixed, if hand, it must be hand, not to be connected to other parts, if it is elbow, then it is only elbow, not to be mixed with other parts,  and not to be connecting to other part and cannot be mixed, not connecting to waist.
7,手發勁,是抖發出去的勁,不是用手推人,小臂,腕,手都必須鬆軟才能把勁扔出去,如撥水,扔磚頭出去。Fa jin by hand is shaking the jin off and not to move the hand, wrist, arm must be relax if has to toss the jin out, like splashing water or throwing brick.

8.丹田氣是從中心發,丹田氣是圓的,從全身出,不是從丹田局部的,丹田氣也是鬆出去的,不是一緊發出。Dan Ten fire from Centre, the Dan Ten air is circle, from the whole body, not from the local Dan Ten, Dan Ten air is by relaxing out, not by tension.

9.腰發勁是長腰,不是走腰胯,一般人只走腰胯,不懂走腰,用腰,從腰至頂豎中正,腰向四周放鬆,意念向外舒散,手、腰不接。發腰勁也是一鬆,而不是一緊。Waist fa jin is longer waist, commonly people only move by waist and socket, not knowing by waist, use waist, from waist to top erect vertically, waist relaxes towards all direction, will go outwards comfortably, hand and waist disconnecting. Waist fa jin is also relax not a tense.
10.用手接觸後,聽對方反應,手不再前進,用肘發勁,手、腕不用勁,手只是將勁送出,肘發勁要跟上腰。On the touch , listen to other response, hand do not moves further, use elbow to fa jin, waist not using jin, hand is only let go the jin, the fa jin elbow has to follow waist.
11.肘碰手通出勁,手側着碰出,這點勁就夠了。Elbow hit the hand through to release the jin, only that is sufficient.
12,發勁不要管自己的腰、肩、肘、腕、手,而是管對方的勁端,要走在他發勁的前面,等他一發勁就被碰回。Fa jin should not control own waist, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, but control the jin tip of opposition, go in front of his fa jin, and wait opposition fa jin will be hit back.
13,放,發勁兒,要掌握時機和奧妙,「拿」住就發。Release and fa jin has to know the right moment and the key, once “grab” should fa.
14.我這個部位憋死了,用另外部位出勁。Own body part locked, use other parts.
15.發勁時,我的手指的接觸點迅速轉移到中指根下掌骨,發勁從中指根發。During fa jin, my finger touching point immediately transfer to base bone of middle finger, fa jin from the middle finger bone.
16,發勁最後要走平,這是至關重要的,勁發出去,無論走球,走線,走的軌跡都是弧形曲線,但是最後碰中的時候,一定要走平,平,是根據對方的來勁情況而定。Fa jin at the latest should be horizontally, the most important key, during fa jin, no matter on a ball or line shape, the rail must be on an arc of curve, but if lastly hit, must be horizontally, horizontally is in according to the in-coming jin.

這些在你看來也許好像天書,夢話一樣,我們更強調“意”,我的老師非常強調“凡此皆是意,不在外面”,而且太極拳更重要的是聽勁和懂勁,沾、黏、貼、隨均基於此,我們最重要的是“鬆”,鄭曼青宗師曾說:茍能真鬆,餘皆末事爾,楊式太極的真正東西是屬於秘傳,外面是絕對看不到的,但是決對不要懷疑楊式太極沒有東西,正由於它非常的深邃,又秘傳的不得了,懂的人少練成的人也少。You must be reading these dizzying, like dreaming, I mentioned “Will” again, my teacher always mention “everything must be in will, not the thing outside”. What more important in tai chi is listening and know jin, touch, onto, stick, follow, all based on these. Our most important way is relax. Master Cheng mentioned this, only if you really relaxed, all the other is follows as ending. The real thing in Yang Style is secretly pass on, no one can see from outside. Bu no doubt that Yang is having solid substance. Because it is deep and do not pass out, rarely any people know how.

您的勁法接近形意拳,不要小看形意拳,他們的東西非常的多,有所謂的明勁、暗勁、化勁,當年孫祿堂以電炸勁打楊澄甫,打的楊澄甫心驚膽顫的,我覺得太極拳無比深邃,是很不容易全盤了解的,各式太極拳,像楊式、陳式、趙堡等等,各自抓到了一點精髓,所以我說太極拳是:道可道非常道,它是道,是無法描述的。如果以我的了解你現在如果碰到我老師,他一定會叫你把你現在練的東西全部放棄掉,去找那個沒有東西裡面的東西。就像一本書箭術與禪心,一位德國哲學家向日本僧人學箭術,最後僧人教哲學家在暗室裡用心射箭。Your Jin looks like xingyiquan, do not looks down upon xingyi, they have really many thing, what called the light jin, dark jin, dissolve jin, years ago Master Sun LT strike Yang CP by light-explosive jin trembling in heart. I feel tai chi is very very deep and cannot be understood on the whole, every tai chi like Yang, Chen, and Zhao Bao only grab a bit of the essence. Thus I said, tai chi is the most powerful tao among the taos, and it is tao and could not be described. According to my understand, if you meet my master, he will tell to give up all what you are learning now, and looks for something there is nothing. Like a book talking about shootng arrow and Zen heart, a German learn arrow skills from Japanese Buddhist, and lastly the buddhist tell him to fire the arrow in a dark room.

打擾你的時間,我星期六和星期日的時候再研究一下你們的社團,我必然會加入的。謝謝Thanks for your time and I will study it on Saturday and Sunday about your Academy and I will definitelyjoin in. Thanks.

第五回:登頂峰觀奇妙武術境界的明路康莊 Round 5: The miraculous summit realm of martial art by the board King road


很高興收到你百忙中的回信。覆文按先生之文章段落。Thanks for your reply in these busy days. I do the reply according to your paragraphs below.

如小孩學走路,初初總是跌,他們亦不知是怎樣協調那一處的肌肉,是大腦要走路的‘意’叫他繼續試,成功之後,該神經路經被定下來。但從試開始,是怎樣試,大腦的意是怎樣經小腦無意識來達到和協調,都不為意識所知。所以小孩學曉走路,但他是不知道原因,這亦可以叫忘掉、空掉、鬆掉。因為是小腦的參與,小腦無意識,但協調肌肉收縮的次序,大腦最初的意使他不斷常試,小腦一直在背後,直到走路的神經網絡被建立起來。When children learn to walk, they always fell down, they do not know how to coordinate the muscles, it is the cerebrum “will” ask them to keep trying via cerebellum, after they walk successfully, they established the necessary neural pathways, but they still do not know how.  Thus children learn how to walk and could not tell the reason.  This may be your reasons insisting forgetting, emptiness and relaxing, it is the function of cerebellum which do not have “will” and do the actual job to coordinate the muscle sequence of contraction, until the neural network can be established and fixed.

1.發勁是一鬆,而不是一緊。意氣向外舒散,全身鬆、散,圓,意氣從頭向下鬆到腳心。再從腳心、踝、膝、胯、腰、脊椎,發勁點—肩—肘—腕⋯(逐節按點以鬆引導),到中指根,手指指方向,意氣通向對方的『中』(quotation paragraph)

鬆須在先,然後的緊亦非拉緊手部末稍,骨盤肌肉的槓竿比手臂有效多倍,它位於人體中央,收縮時把血氣向四肢發放,舒散全身。由於該槓桿的收縮距離十分短,亦十分有效,故像四肢鬆,丹田亦象鬆。此段勁力流經的幾何和反作用力的機械原理,以我力學考量,我是有保留。考量是以關節保健和力量向前傳送為點。待有機會再談。Relax should be at the begining, the tense is not the contraction that produce movement on this very ends of hand, the lever in pelvis is much more force effective than the lever on the arm, it is located centrally in the middle of body. When the muscles contract here, the circulation is squeezed towards to the limbs comfortably. That lever system is arranged very effectively with a limited un-observable movement, thus the limbs can be relaxed, and Dan Ten is also relaxed. I have my reservation to your flow of jin and re-action mechanics in according to my Jin Mechanics, but has to wait for further opportunity for discussion.

2、以意導引,用意不用力,意念不在手臂,不能用手臂進攻,手只通過意氣,不發勁,手指指方向,用意氣貫出,節節貫串,通出去。(quotation paragraph)

生產動量的位置在骨盤,放勁離身的位置在手,故其中須要用意把關節連接成棚架,讓重力經體內勁路行走。內勁過於對方後,由於手肌肉不曾參與收縮,不被反向作用力推後,故可見能以追上對方。重力行走是須要時間和路徑的。曾有物理實驗,把重鐵片兩端綁線兩端,掛於天花上,快速拉下端繩子,只下端繩斷,慢拉是上端斷。便是道理,繩子亦是鬆軟,唯氣勁重力所到之位置有力,如氣勁經指骨會成節節貫串的。The momentum produced in pelvis, Jin released through hand. Thus in-between the two, one should connecting it by establishing a rack by Jin bound, and lead go the jin. As the  internal jin passes to the opposition, the hand muscles do not involved in contraction, thus will not be push away by the reaction force, and can be soft and catch up with opposition. The travel of gravitation force needs time. There is physics experiment. A string hanging from the ceiling tighten on a weight and tighten below the weight is another string. If a man pulling it quick on the lower string, the breaking point will be at under the weight. If pulling slowing, the breaking point will be at the ceiling string. The string is also soft, but the force travel along physical path. If the jin travel along the hand and finger, there could be sequential power drilling forwards.

3,發勁時各個關節都要鬆開,把勁發出去後,各關節還是鬆散著的。如抽鞭梢,各節都是散著的,只有散著,才能靈活,勁才能出去。(quotation paragraph)

另外肌肉除了收縮減少其長度可產生拉力外,它亦可藉固定肢體的位置,讓勁力通過,如鐵架般,在肌纖的層面上,若肢體角度合適,使肌球和肌動兩蛋白重疊,力重十分大,亦不辛苦,因為肌肉縮短,把重力推行於空間,是不斷要加入work done 的,固定支架,讓勁力通過則不需要,骨架形狀適合,則甚致可以享有80-90%重疊的固定力量。重力通過時,陀螺係統不被景響,流經之處均感暢順。此可稱肌肉張力。The jin production and releasing are at different locations. During a punch, if the punch direction is the same as my CG projection. The punch can achieve high speed by just contracting a single muscle and thus almost all relaxed. If one more antagonistic muscle contract,  the rack movement will be slow down but the feeling can be “stronger” because of more muscle in contraction. If the only muscle do not contract, the punch could not move. If the “relax” really means relaxing all muscle, gravity will take in effect and the limbs will fall suddenly. Another way of feeling relax is maintaining a muscle tension by  holding the actin and myosin protein inside the myofibril in position, so as to form a rigid rack for the transmission of force. The tension in muscle does not involve in work-done contraction movement and is “light” and relax under the overlapping of the two kind muscle proteins. If the bending of limb maintained for a 80~90% overlapping of the two kinds of protein, the muscle tension is great and the rack maintained in shape with little effort. It is also relax with good feeling.

4.發勁時,手、腕、肩、肘放鬆,腰腿放鬆,沒有一點僵勁,只是意氣向外舒散,勁由夾脊發,全身向外擴散。(quotation paragraph)
前己提。但在陀螺的勁力彈射結構上,重心藉盤骨掛在樁柱的大腿骨上,因骨質硬度承力,故不需收縮,但仍須肌肉張力,不然如上所說,會如暈倒一樣,掉到地上。另外,骨盤底肌肉須拉一下,身板、腰腿等肌肉只須保持張力,讓重力流經通過即可。此有如力在鞭的底部搖,後以波動沿邊而上,而放出。波動是能量行走的一種方法,太陽光子亦如此到達地球。Mentioned above. In according to the spring firing structure of the gyroscope, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and waist all relax. The centre of gravity hanging onto the thigh bone ball shaped top, the weight supported by the hard nature of the bone substances, thus need no contraction, only the muscle tension needed, but with no tension, the whole body will, just like passing out, collapses onto the ground. In addition, the bottom muscles should have to contract once to pull the CG, the other muscles on body board and thigh should maintain in tension, and let pass the the upwards travelling jin force. The way of moving is just like wave travelling on a whip, wave is a travelling pattern by energy like photon.

5.發勁時,手在接觸的地方找點,找到合適的點後,手、臂、肩、肘、腰等都不管了,只是意氣向外舒散。(quotation paragraph)
該放勁點的骨質指向須要與內勁方向相合,若然偏差,內勁會被物理法則,進行向量分柝,因而扣減撞擊力。承力肢架的角度,亦決定了肌球和肌動兩蛋白質重疊的數量,重疊越高比例,承力才舒服,只等意氣向外。The point for releasing the jin should facing the same direction as of the CG, if deviated from, according to vector physics, has to divided by a factor according to the angle on impact, thus reduce the force of momentum on impacting. On the other hand, the rack that sustaining the force on impact has angle among arm bones, which determine the tensile strength that keep the rack in position by the amount of actin and myosin overlapping inside a sacromere. The amount of overlapping portion increase the tensile strength proportionally, thus let the air force going through comfortably.

6.發勁要乾淨俐落,出勁部位不能混,手出勁就是手出勁,不和其它部位接,肘出勁就是肘出勁,不和其它部位接,⋯⋯,不能混,都不接腰。(quotation paragraph)

和其它部位接了,放勁部位便被拉往。腰和其上肢體若在骨盤上動,其速度將比骨盤快,做成兩次的撞擊力,先是從肢體的辛苦收縮力,把人推開,之後重力才到達,末及追上,不能產生計算中的效果。情況如坐在車箱中,申拳出窗外打站在路邊的人,只須把固定於車廂中,便能以車的速度和重量撞擊人,若在接觸前混了手腰等,便是把對方用手力先推開,讓車子的巨力不達對方。這樣解會較清楚。用腰對陀螺系統的穩定性,亦有影響,有機會再談。 If connected to other part forming the rack pathway, it cannot move freely. In another case, if there are movement on the waist or limbs above the pelvis, there are two impacting force. Usually, the smaller limb movement will push other away and then later the pelvis body weight force arrive after the opposition has been diverted away from a direct powerful impact from pelvis turning. In anytime, the movement is close to the opposition and arrive opposition faster. Just like a man stretching out his hand out of a moving bus window and the movement of his hand will move the one on the ground first before the momentum of the bus arrive through the same hand. In this way the explanation can be more clear. For the matter concerning the stability by using waist, we defer the discussion until later opportunity.

7,手發勁,是抖發出去的勁,不是用手推人,小臂,腕,手都必須鬆軟才能把勁扔出去,如撥水,扔磚頭出去。(quotation paragraph)
前文已述,擲磚頭的比喻可取。擲磚便是力學系統中的重力。 Mentioned already. The comparable saying of throwing a brick is preferred and it is in fact the tossing or firing of the CG weighting force.

上文略提,現另一角度。(quotation paragraph)
我在幫學員裝置陀螺的程中,亦以辨法指導他們把骨放好樣骨質受力,省點肌肉。因重心在骨盤丹田位置是一個虛擬之處,並無實體結構,故能被拋擲走動。Mentioned in brief above. From another angle of view, In the ten world grand masters act that I re-performed, I find that they are all using the same tai chi pillar step. In my class instruction to students, I always mentioned they have to put the body weight onto the pillar in order to save muscle strength in the CG firing gyroscope. In fact, the CG is a virtual structure and can be tossed away from its position.

9.腰發勁是長腰,不是走腰胯,一般人只走腰胯,不懂走腰,用腰,從腰至頂豎中正,腰向四周放鬆,意念向外舒散,手、腰不接。發腰勁也是一鬆,而不是一緊。(quotation paragraph)

緊是把關節停止,傳力可以,發勁不能,當然在不適當的位置鬆和收縮,便會終止陀螺運化勁力的能力。看不董長腰一詞。由於把重心藉骨掛在腿骨上,是腿肌肉不須收縮,但要有張力拉住保持形狀,這不能鬆,因鬆後骨並不在正上方,會如暈倒的人掉下,但它不是收縮的拉緊。發勁時若腰收縮,便把骨盤上傳重力切斷,所以是底部這強大,大師通用的槓竿上的肌肉收縮投擲重量出去,身板下的腰肌只把從下而上的扭力傳上去,若然收縮,便如坐巴士的情況。Lock the joint by Jin bound is for passing on the force, not fa jin, if the tight and loosen is directed inappropriately, the firing power of gyrposcope will ended. Cannot understand your term “Growing waist”. Since the Cg was hanged onto the thigh bone, muscles no need to contract and only tension is needed to hold the shape, cannot even to loose this final strength, otherwise the body will collapse and fall onto the ground, it is not contraction. During fa jin if with contraction on waist, the upward travelling force by body weight cannot be pass on upward. Thus it is the bottom muscle contraction, a commonly known lever used by all grand masters, all muscle above pelvis will not contract, if not, the situation come the same as hitting people sitting on a moving vehicle.

10.用手接觸後,聽對方反應,手不再前進,用肘發勁,手、腕不用勁,手只是將勁送出,肘發勁要跟上腰。(quotation paragraph)

另一角度,在我Youtube影片,在掌擊時,便是此文的示範。From another point of view, one of my youtube hitting with my palm, it is the same In your description demonstrated by me.

11.肘碰手通出勁,手側着碰出,這點勁就夠了。(quotation paragraph)

不太董。看看我估對否。我打拳時,要預對方體面下一到兩釐米處停,否則內勁追不上。亦是一點力學心法的交流。Cannot understand but see if I guess it right. When I punch, the point of hitting is at the 2 cm deep under the skin for the bone position, if not so, the internal Jin cannot catch up with. An exchange of view from my side.

能聽便可這樣說。(quotation paragraph)

13,放,發勁兒,要掌握時機和奧妙,「拿」住就發。(quotation paragraph)
在互動中,這全都是意念之間,周身肌肉放鬆,聽得對方彊硬或方向,即能得心應手,若能鬆而不散,保持陀螺結構,更是運化自如。一般的高手或多或少都董的,只是不太明白,要靠千練萬練和小腦記憶。應肚即飛黃錦康便是用此舊制用了十年訓練出來的。但其他學員用此法,這樣都不董。後才改行現代力學之道。During interaction, it is all by mind will. The peripheral body relaxed and thus become sensitive, can detect and listen to opposition direction and tightened, can fire opposition away. If can relax but not loosen, maintain the gyroscopic structure, and you can control the to-and-fro jin force with ease. In general, those grand masters can do it but only cannot explain it by effective communicative words and they have to depends the cerebellum for coordination after thousands times of practice. Our Mr Albert Wong, the original author of the “Dare a touch the Belly”, has been trained up by using old system and it takes ten years, but the same traditional method is ineffective to new members. Thereafter, I change this bit by bit into modern physics application on human bone structure, i.e. the gyroscope.

14.我這個部位憋死了,用另外部位出勁。(quotation paragraph)
反正手被封住,用力的不在手,是丹田重力,對方管不了。但若明白重力彈射的機理,與董勁者玩樂,無一樁法,都有物理內功破解之法。但我們常放足夠是間給對方,這才有趣。好像打乒乓球,一下子打倒對手,一來無人和你練,只如外家拳較量樂趣不及打球差來差好。對方能否練得好過自己?我作老師是讓人明白道理,作教練是他比我年輕,應能做得比我好。我們這樣推動國粹,才有可能把他成為真正的國技。Anyway the hand was locked, so cannot move, but the body weight at CG was not able to be confined by opposition.  With the gyroscope running in a playful way, two person playing the Jin, like playing table tennis in slow speed, it is a funful games with a lot interest, if not to intend to defeat your partner at the very first instant. For a way to instantaneously to hit partner, there is no interest of fun. Whether my students can be better than myself, as a coach, they should be better than me. And it is in this mind set that our country tai chi games can one day become systematic and promoted to be the real multiple benefit games all over the country and the world. If only the master can, no hope in the future.

15.發勁時,我的手指的接觸點迅速轉移到中指根下掌骨,發勁從中指根發。(quotation paragraph)
招式放勁的採列肘靠,都是希望用最硬最少的面積,增加相同動量產生的壓力。手法多,我用定式發勁,此四隅法,只知便算,見諒。Concerning the release of Jin by the FOUR Side Ways, it consists of grab, roll, elbow and should strikes skills, intenting to produce the highest pressure by hardest parts. There are many such ways, I use the Freeze Fa Jin for training up interest and my student will have knowledge but not indepth to avoid the danger.

16,發勁最後要走平,這是至關重要的,勁發出去,無論走球,走線,走的軌跡都是弧形曲線,但是最後碰中的時候,一定要走平,平,是根據對方的來勁情況而定。(quotation paragraph)
若平是平面。這關於放勁和導引對方勁力的方法,是避免方向和對方正面沖擊,以螺旋推向另一平面,是扣減對方勁力的向量方法,上文已述。另圓弧,曲線,球體等在物理幾何上的變換,會在物理時空中產生不同的效。螺陀建構上的五個系統均有關,尤在放勁位置沒稍處之齒輪,因中空無實體,故運用更為重要 ,有機會再談 。If flat means horizontal plane, this is the skill for leading and controlling the opposition jin skills to avoid a direct confront of force. I usually propel the jin from a horizontal one to a vertical plane by spiral rail manner, which according to momentum vvector calculation, could reduce effectively the direct influx of opposition strength, also mentioned above. In addition, the geometry of rail in string, curve, sphere could have different effects on the strength in space-time. These geometric shapes are really concerning the jin release parts because there the gear is not solid in the middle.

這些在你看來也許好像天書,夢話一樣,我們更強調“意”,我的老師非常強調“凡此皆是意,不在外面”,而且太極拳更重要的是聽勁和懂勁,沾、黏、貼、隨均基於此,我們最重要的是“鬆”,鄭曼青宗師曾說:茍能真鬆,餘皆末事爾,楊式太極的真正東西是屬於秘傳,外面是絕對看不到的,但是決對不要懷疑楊式太極沒有東西,正由於它非常的深邃,又秘傳的不得了,懂的人少練成的人也少。(quotation paragraph)

言重,我因心中真有能幫先生之話要說,所以是太失禮來估度貴師奠的心意,請原諒。我亦是從這古代一套中出來的,用慣了較清楚的結構物理力學,看回舊的一套,的確容易不知所言,有點滿天星,但據觀察,很多大師或武術追求者,無論他的理論如何,的確是有內中實際的,不然不會努力追求,探索奇中,我亦只是發現他們的真功夫法則,向他們和貴師奠學習的方面還很多。只不過我的弟子們他們玩著覺好玩,很快自覺很勁,並不如先生之認真專注,亦知認識內功物理後,能提醒各人保養膝脊關節之要門,故全力推介之。Your word is too heavy, but because I really got something that I want to speak out to share my help to the community and sorry form too strong a guessing on your Masters feeling from our modern physics point of will. I also came out from the traditional and ancient way, and has been adapted to these modernized theory, and look back to the old style, really feeling dizzying. According to my observation, many grand master, no matter how is their understanding they all have the real substance, if not, who care to chase after the splendid kung fu realm, exploring with their lifetime. I did not create but only discovered the kung fu Jin theory, still many to learn from your master and them.  However, my students are just like to play the game and feeling themselves to be very strong, not that as focus and endurance as Mr. In addition to the fun, they also recognized from me the way to avoid joint pains usually seen in all sports, thus I do my speaking whole-heartedly to all.

您的勁法接進近形意拳,不要小看形意拳,他們的東西非常的多,有所謂的明勁、暗勁、化勁,當年孫祿堂以電炸勁打楊澄甫,打的楊澄甫心驚膽顫的,我覺得太極拳無比深邃,是很不容易全盤了解的,各式太極拳,像楊式、陳式、趙堡等等,各自抓到了一點精髓,所以我說太極拳是:道可道非常道,它是道,是無法描述的。如果以我的了解你現在如果碰到我老師,他一定會叫你把你現在練的東西全部放棄掉,去找那個沒有東西裡面的東西。就像一本書箭術與禪心,一位德國哲學家向日本僧人學箭術,最後僧人教哲學家在暗室裡用心射箭。(quotation paragraph)

愧對先生,我弟子中雖有好幾位曾習此拳的,但我仍是一無所知, 像楊式、陳式、趙堡大架等等,我亦只聽徒弟說過,亦有弟子修哲學,亦知其鋒利處,但我並非這材,容後與先生會面再行賜教,唯我不董回應,恐先生納悶,知我非知音。不若先生的博學睿智,我只跟從過紀老師,她發人亦不動形影,凌空把人打出十多尺,我在有功力後,看過她亦是以相同的方法驅動丹田重力的。最初亦是被她發勁不動影的能力所吸引,亦把這些向先生報告,希望明白在物理世界生活,貴師尊空的法則,亦一定有物理解釋這一方面。Shameful to Mr, though several of my student did learned Xingyiquan, but still know nothing about, even Yang style, Chen Style and other Zhao Bao, I learn those mainly through my students sharing in discussion. There are also students learning philosophy and I realized the sharp point, but I am not that kind comparable to Mr’s board and depth knowledge and will disappointed you if go on discussion in these areas, because I just do not know and maybe we can share when we meet our experience. However, when I follow Master Ji, she was able to toss people away off the ground for over ten feet, her fa jin is without a move also. When I got the Kung Fu, I also verify her internal movement is the same in according to momentum physics. From the very beginning, I was also attracted by her fa jin without a move and now I report to Mr so that you can understand that in this physical world, your master fa jin is still having a physical way of explanation.

據現時科學對這個宇宙對時空的分析,這組的動量物理力學,在另一些宇宙中,因其宇宙常數未必一樣,所以亦不適用,因而可能形成不了物質。我從前念書時,對細胞膜有不同的理論,互相較量,但最後亦是大象的不同部份,大學時探索信仰與科學,亦是類同,並不相互排擠。唯我獨尊非先生與我等的氣度,新舊互相修補,最終兩者均壞,亦不得宜,所以敢提議先生既已熟練通達貴師奠之道,不若與我同行,了解學員為何在短時間內,如此興趣,什經驗者感激師生之情誼。According to the modern Multiverse Theory, they are universe that do not observe these rules and having rules of their own, not even to form matter as ours. When I studied Cell Membrane decades ago, there are different Theories for it, but it only proved that they are the different parts of the same elephant, they may not contradictory to each other. I explored science and Christian logic when I was in the University of Hong Kong, it turns out similarly.  “We are the only one” is not our way, Mr and me. Mending each other between old and new, Western and Eastern,  will destroy both, thus I dare to invite Mr, because you are already know well your master way, why not go with me, to understand why our students are able to catch up the grand master train in a short time, fun fully, and experience students are very motivated.

況且我為推廣此現代太極,已盡心盡力,須友人同心之力。把書冊寫成,修建網站,以現代大學模式,以廉宜會費,在世界各地求建立會員群體,之後幫助具經驗者,在當地建立運動勁法,享受太極好處樂趣,並無穩藏費用,會員進修亦各按需要,尋求不同程度的支援。萬事俱備,獨欠君矣。 In addition, I push this King Tai Chi(King means the ruling by the Universe Law not by me) with my whole heart and need more effort from other who love tai chi art. I paid on my own to construct this King Tai Chi Academy web, teaching by university modules method, cheap membership fee, to allow people from all over the world to know and group together to learn, thereafter, establish new local members to enjoy this funful healthy benefit in their locality, without hindrance charges. Members can also progress their study via our different degree of support. Everything is really, only Mr yet.

我能破解發勁中的重力謎團和紀老師的深厚功力很有關系,她文化不高,故無什理論,無論力學還是道佛等,但她常有示範以增我等經驗,發勁現像亦神妙如先生所言。有著真實應用經驗,以人體和物理推拷,亦經歷須時,唯致現在弟子進步快速不說,他們均能享受練拳中貴乎自然的樂趣,我想這是重要的。I can crack open the mystery the fa jin secret because of my Master Ji, she has a very experience and powerful in this way. However, she was not highly educated and seldom talk about tai chi theory, Tao and Buddhist philosophy, she just do the demonstrations to us, the power is splendidly miraculous as Mr mentioned. With this solid background, I deducted the application of bio-physics into fa jin, and stills it takes years to unveil the mysterious kernel machine in background operation.  Not as easily as outsider could understand, but the process is health and funful and can sustain until now common people or illiterates.

我上文所說,未必能使先生滿意,亦未及再覆核,以我文字素質,定必錯漏,請君見諒,但亦可了解我精於所學之道,亦能以其鋒尖解構古代典藉,我如近年的一位魔術師,把物理法則公開後,後來者必眾,希先生能同行,協力共勉之。The explanation above is far from perfect and also has no time to proof-read again, and please forgive my time constrain error. And still you can have a bird eye view and know I am very keen on what I have learned and its sharp point is also able to dissect the mechanics of ancients traditional tai chi fa jin. Years ago, there is a magician who unveil the secret of magic, I also unveil the secret of fa jin by bio-physics for the first time and I am sure there are many people to follow, and why not Mr, we go together and encouraging each other on this human history big event?

我知我言者甚長,因恐怕在歷史遺失重要節錄,故不敢懶隋,亦因先生雅量通達,才敢盡言,如先生覺我等之發勁應用力學有可取之處,可在網上探索和與我討論,若感受到它的好處,請幫忙把道理傳出去。我的任何書信文件均樂意公開。我把這些整理之後,會放在我第三冊書刊中,書名是—太極拳是怎樣練成的?!。是專教人練功的,即應用前冊理論,從裝置陀螺結構到享受發勁樂趣和保健養生等幾方面,亦是天人合一,自然自在之感,因每人內置的感觀大至相似,以求在文字上完成我的歷史任務。了結我欠社會大眾半生栽培的責務! I know that I am very lengthy in my sharing because I am afraid of missing something from the history of tai chi and human sport development. And also because of Mr board and deep mental, that I dare to speak. If Mr can taste the high quality values from our physics fa jin, you can discuss with me on my King Tai Chi Academy web, and pass on our messages to outsiders. All my documents and letter are welcome to use. I will also use this communication records printed on my third book namely “How Tai Chi are Learned!”. It is a book for the application of two previously publish paradigms so people can enjoy the realm described by our ancient Master, union with the universal law, the natural rhythm of our body movement because from the point of body, every man feels similarly, be it ancient or modern. And I paid the debt that our society giving me chance to learn and grow in the past decades.

第六回:東方大師孤身前往 Round 6: The Eastern Master forwards Lonely

彭先生您好:Mr Pang, How are you:

您如此耐心而詳盡地一一回應我信中的各個段落,盛情可感,同時對先生在科學生理各方面淵博的知識感到非常敬佩,你的解說我大約都能了解,我也同意您的見解是正確的,但是我覺得你對於我們本門太極拳所主張的“鬆”是不了解的,事實上很多練楊式太極拳的人也不全然了解什麼是鬆,為何要鬆,我也不全然了解,我想這是一個境界的問題,到達什麼境界便有什麼樣的了解,隨著我自己功力的增進,我的理解是多鬆一分,勁多長一分,我的老師一天到晚掛在口中的便是:鬆鬆鬆全部鬆,心與意與之俱鬆,我想當年楊露禪出於陳式太極,而和陳式太極拳全然不同,可能是不知如何產生了鬆的觀念,是自己體會出來的,還是另有所傳,不得而知,我老師常常說鬆無止境,二者功力相當,較鬆者勝。Thanks you for your patient and discussion that are paragraph to paragraph, I am really thankful. At the same time, I can feel your board and indepth knowledge with respect. I can understand most of your explanation and also agree with you your physics explanation but only that you are still not that clear about the “Relax” in tai chi. Not only you, in fact, many that practice Yang style also did not understood, “what is relax”, “How to relax” and even me myself too. I think this is a realm matter, reaching that realm you will understand. With my own progress in real kung fu an inch, my understand grow by an inch. My master always mentioned “relaxed” from morning to night. Heart and will should be relaxed. Yang style came from the Chen style but with a totally different forms, I think they may somehow generate the “relax” concept, may be from Grand Master Yang LS from his personal experience or passed from Grand master Chen in secret way. My master said there are unlimited “relax” and if both are of the same kung fu level, the more relax will prevail.

形意拳中所說的龍虎二氣,龍是指脊椎骨,發勁的時候脊椎骨的翻浪擺動,虎是指骨盆腔和丹田這一塊,孫存周手稿中對這兩項的描述和您書中所言勁法頗似,所以看到你的書之後立刻就聯想到孫存周手稿。The two air—dragon and tiger in Yingxiquan, dragon means the wave motion of the vertebral column, the tiger means the area in pelvis and Dan Ten. Sun CC hand script has very similar description as your fa jin and it is the reason after reading your book that I think of Master Sun CC.

我對趙堡太極拳了解不多,查百科全書知道宗師是蔣發先生,陳式太極是陳王廷先生所創,外面的傳言趙堡太極分出於陳式太極,想必是訛傳,但是外觀看起來拳架式蠻像的。I know little about Zhao Bao Tai Chi and from encyclopedia description, it is originated from Master Chiang F, Chen style was originated from Chen WT. The rumors that Zhao Bao is a branch from Chen style is definitely a wrong saying. But from outside form, both are very similar.

我上次給你的信寫完後便有點後悔,您無私的將你的心得和心血像基督傳播福音一樣,廣傳大眾,我有點唐突無禮,而且你我所學不同,基礎立足點不同,對同一件事情的了解有時候是完全不一樣的,也許真的如您所言,用科學的方法將太極拳神秘的面紗揭開。I feel regret about my last letter. You are not selfish at any point of view,  explain to me your research discovering, like preaching gospel of Christ, I feel I was a bit rough because our stand point is different and our learning substance varies, Thus even to the same matter, we could have quite a vast different in understanding. I should not critic on you so rude and impolitely at the beginning. May be as what you said, you really unlocked the secret of tai chi with the modern science.


During the mid-night, I get up and thinking how should I reply you. I will return to study you King Tai Chi Academy this afternoon. I start to learn tai chi from age 20s, and win the championship in university match but was not really know about tai chi, thereafter I follow my current teacher for further study. And has been a doctor for years, I did not progress fast. Until now as I become a senior in age, 60s, I start to exercise diligently again and that touch my teacher and I can be in door student and speed up my progress great. I was trained up in medical school and also critical mind in according to scientific principles. My understanding to tai chi is more focus in “will” rather than strength. Everything is will, not that on the outside. The power of emptiness is fiercely unlimited, it is real. You establish the King Tai Chi Academy to promote your unprecedented concept skills, it is a highly respectful action. Because in among those who learn something in the martial art, it is extremely different for them to teach those secret real substance, and along the history many thing lost. Wish your act will enlighten and bless the martial art practitioners.

第七回:大道之行影響深遠持久 Round 6: The board way walk influence profoundly ALL

先生 Mr,

感謝先生的稱許,使我覺信心自強,能以向更多資力深厚如先生者解釋得明白,亦感謝先生解釋貴派心法要領之精神時間。如先生所言,對貴派鬆的要領,我是門外漢,若非先生賜教,更是井中蛙。雖然不董其中要領,但我可把物理功法解釋一下,讓先生他日融匯通透能為貴派之用,甚幸矣。Thanks for your approval which strengthen my self confident and could try to explain it more to other like you with solid experience and confident. As what you said I really do not know your side about ‘relax’, if it not were you, I seem ignorant. Even so, I prefer to tell you my side about the relax on the mechanical view so that you may after understand incorporate into, for your usage, our privilege.

若遇有緣人,亦樂意讓我等物理之法,經先生推介,同到勁太極學院研究討論,使我國功法增長能千里於一日,中華之福。學院並非傳統練功之拳館,是為各種程度的會員提供物理平台,探討和研究之處,為會員設有定期專題功法講座和學習的機會,以現代大學方式運作,雖以我從趙堡抽取的六招編成勁12式為骨幹,但只為討論物理功法的方便,禁止門戶分歧,亦讓先生等資深成員,專心查考驗證拳理,進行年度專業持續進修,推動太極拳此沉睡的巨龍與現代社會同步,就如醫生、教師、工程師等等,每年均須專業進修的安排。唯拳藝武術方面則一直以主觀感覺為領,一直未能提供客觀力學之平台,讓各方參與,故只以宗師單人之力,心中孤獨研探,知音難遇,成功入武術至高境界者希疏,故不自量力自建此網,只收取成本部分,為同道愛好者修建平台, 讓各人融匯為已用, 希各方樂於到院,傳播訊息,中華之福。If you come across those who are interested in physical side of the relax mechanic, please bring him to our Academy and have further study, with the kung fu grow in speedy tract. The Academy is different from traditional one that it provides platform build on physics that allow all martial art to communicate and investigate but bans emotional barrier from denominations. Although it based on the King 12 Moves, critical mind set apply to it as with other Moves, providing a common platform senior like Mr to do the annual career professional study as with other profession like doctor, teacher and engineer, just name a few. This platform alleviates the grand master loneliness on the path of improving the real kung fu. They, the grand masters, all have to do the research in their mind without help, discussion and feedback from their followers, did not hear any sound of resonance in complete loneliness. Thus I build up this platform on my own to alleviate the barrier in denominations and welcome all to visit our Academy.


Nowadays, the prescription of doctor has to be disclosed according to Hong Kong rules, our Jin Mechanics all prescript clearly from a bio-physical point of view the secret power of jin, of course, one cannot expecting mastering the content in a matter of just read the book or just in several month. But the iron rule ‘minimum 10 years without graduation’ has been crushed into powder and I am proud to take the lead, though no men before, there are millions to follow. And has to thanks Mr effort this section of the way.

A.以勁力結構談鬆: Dissecting ‘relax’ by Force Construct

在以物理陀螺建構裝置於人體的勁力運轉系統的基楚上看‘鬆’, 盡量簡述如下,免先生太費神。According to the force construct, gyroscope, installed onto human body, we discuss the ‘relax’ in brief.
專用詞意可到勁之剖析和學院網址查備:For technical terms, please have its meaning in the ‘Jin Mechanics’ and the ‘King Tai Chi Academy’.

On the pillar, if the body board axis can be orientated on the fulcrum vertically, the bone carrying the body weight downward could sustain  all weight by its hard non-living substance. Thus it release muscle function and is a type of relax.

The vertical axis if place within the foot area,  could further relieve the extra muscle for balance the fall of body because it is human conditional response to protect ourselves from falling.

King12 Moves is a high rack style. The inclination angle of leg bones are small, thus the muscle could use the minimal tensile strength to hold the bones in position because at this position most of the body weight is still passing through the hard substance of the bones. In addition, having a higher position, is storing more potential energy available for fa jin power when converting into kinetic energy of the CG. Thus, this high rack enjoy two kind of relax and also benefit to the joints, which I observe from your grand master using the same high advantageous position Youtube.

The brake side, if not to block the CG movement, has to be relaxed, another relax. No weighting injecting into the brake leg, thus the reaction force will not pointing upward the pelvis, thus will not de-stablize the CG system.

The lever muscle joining the thigh and pelvis are much stronger than that on the forearm, and it is the common lever employ by all grand masters, as the force multiplier are big, one can feel it easy to drive the CG on the rail, the strength is like moving on wheel smoothly relax.

Releasing the brake, lead the external force to push onto the CG load, give out your own way for the vector, it become very emptiness and toss the opposition for over 10 feet, no difficult matter. This emptiness is also ferocious.
7. 骨盤重力系統轉動時產生之長度,是鬆之下而出,既是曾長功力,亦是加長勁力所向空間,勁帶引化離心之力之虛,順勢亦能行在對方勁力之前,後發先致。
The rotation of pelvis could product a certain length, is produced by relaxing, it increase the space for jin to move in front of opposition jin, a kind of centrifugal force that can move in front of opposition, performing the skills of later jin but arrive earlier.

8.重力上傳,經身板扭力而出,只須腰肌張力,無收腹用力之苦,勁過時血氣運行,身心舒服。扭動以縱軸為心,機械球窩滑輪之鬆,兩側陰陽放勁四方,舒暢享受。此身板受重力驅動血氣流經,扭毛巾之鬆通。The upward transmission of CG impact, has to pass through the body board by twisting, only the tensile strength is required, will not involve the painful muscular contraction of the waist. As the jin pass the blood circulation current moves to the four corners of the body, feeling is comfortably warm. The twisting is also rotate on the axis. This mechanical rotation is relax on the wheel, like twisting a towel and press on circulation from pelvis.

9.末稍手部放勁,亦以張力保持支架,讓勁力通過,亦若鬆也。不行於內勁之先,亦使手能放勁後占黏連隨。The ending of limb is for releasing he jin out, is also based on the tensile strength of muscle, no contraction is needed, just let jin pass through, is also relax. Not involving in muscle contraction, thus the limb can be relaxed and sticky and could follow swiftly.

The end of limb is weak in strength, thus has to know swimming around different plane  of space, avoiding direct impact, thus can lead the big force by vector component resolving techniques.

11.勁軌走圓,機械幾何之時空,深層力厚如油壓如彈簧,軌道之鬆厚而不硬。The jin rail has to be in circular path of the space geometry, feeling the deep jet like spring, force is thick and hard.

12.前臂如刀片,能刮能轉,以肘關節構造驅動之輕靈圓活,空間變換於舜間。The forearm can act like a razor blade, can turn and scrape on the elbow hinge joint path in self rotation, change the space length in no observable movement.

B.動量的三個因子說鬆 The relax according to the 3 factors of momentum

鬆對動量結構的影響,包括組成動量的全部三個因子: 重量、速度和方向,其中重力的順關節而行的這種鬆,若非對物理和人體結構具備相當的認知,不能明曉明。因重力流經骨質,若不能順關節設計而動,重力流會被擾亂,經路上會有尖斷之處,不能享受發勁時鬆沉自然天成這鬆自在,發人於無影無形。我是希望不久能有弟子與我互動,獨樂樂,不如眾樂樂,因眾大師在未有物理平台之前,是很難訓練學員到達互動約皆段。The relaxing effect affects al the three factor of momentum: mass, speed and direction. Among the factors,  the moving CG according to the joint plan, has to be understood according to the joint structure, and move according to the joint plane design. It is because if it not were the force flowing through the design of joint, the force will enter the joint and do damage and pain behind, then the people cannot enjoy the nature smoothness of the movement which toss people in no sign. I wish my students could interact with me soon or later. It is better to enjoy the natural game with others while you can have your choice. Before the platform, all grand masters are very difficult to guide partners to their level even if they want to do so.

C.陀螺彈射講鬆 The relax in firing of jin by gyroscope

鬆了放行於軌道,重力的加速才快,不被騷擾,明白關節對稱等距,樁柱才會穩定,軌道上的加速才有效果,了解軌道構成關節,可連綿勁軌,保速度和先機。明白幾何形狀與骨架勁力流向,能收發勁力於圈和切線中。Only if one can relax, then can load the CG onto the rail based on the equi-distance sockets ready for fa jin un-interrupted, forming an unceasing rail for the CG, long enough to achieve high speed and ensure a prior chance in the interaction. Understand how the geometry and bones forms the pulley system can catch jin and toss effectively.

Relaxing the muscle is not the purpose, because it is the muscle in lengthen stag that can produce the power, that the lengthen muscle that hook up the gyroscope spring and fire the CG, producing the jin. The Jin path that the CG force travel inside the body, has to be relaxed just like breaking a bridge, avoiding other to steal it to toss our power camp. All this just in mind and will of the cerebrum, breaking path and striking back in a single  movement, not two, by will not by force, in lightening flash moment, striking the heart more.


Scientific advantage of fa jin power is in its transparency, rapid development, and have its summit realm on its ow, attracting its own followers attention, but not lonely. Anyhow, meeting with people who can have resonance, why walking alone?

形意拳中所說的龍虎二氣,謝先生府就解說龍虎二氣,以此偏面觀之,何能損傷脊骨,因脊骨之關節只有單一而緩慢的平面可供轉動,若如鞭動翻浪,日久韌帶、骨凸處必害,此先生知也。我員中亦有曾於各處習趙堡太極拳者,他們所知較詳。感先生為知音者,未曾深交,自然不過,我亦未能於書冊中盡言,藉先生之幫,解說更精辟,越辨越明,有理說得清,共同考究真理,若不成理,亦願棄之,此際找得知音友,忠言者。幸甚。 Thanks for your explanation on the dragon and tiger air of the ??. From the brief inform, it may cause damage to the spinal cord if it were like whipping the spinal which have the joints not suitable for this particular kind of plane movement. Not producing the jin according to the joint plane will damage structure inside and this Mr know it already.  Several of my students know about many more concerning Zhao Bao as they learn from around the country. Thanks for Mr humble manner that we can share among ourselves something of common interest in the reflection process, if it King way not the truth, I will prefer to give it up no matter how late. Seeking for the truth and real are human nature and will never be late. And I am very pleased to have someone listen to me, so luck am I.

我是二十多歲練太極,從未得甚功名,唯對科學解題均留心觀察,早年沉默少言,因未董其理,有幸見識紀老師內勁深厚,在香港寫過多套中英生物書刊,對不董的問題不作強解,存檔漸多,每憑弟子提問,均用心考量;寫‘內勁揭秘’時剛破解氣聚丹田的物理過程,取得重心球的發球位置,寫‘勁之剖析’時破解重力求運行之天理法則,能以按動作勁法預測發勁力量;建立勁學院時,應用功法原理,把管控內功勁力的陀螺結構裝置於人體,用於教學,使來者訪然,於發勁練習的同時,平衡了養生保健和發勁興趣,免去常見的運動後遺癥,尤其是膝、脊關節之痛癥,免去不必要的障礙。練功不得其法,走路基本步姿,甚運動生理書冊,均未曾善用正確之術,反觀學友用得其法,則常見證輕省自如,健步若飛而不痛不疲,故越說越長,希能用勁法於走路跑步等運動基本功中,董其術年輕者不單運動水平提升,長者步履穩定不跌,日行幾里而修養生保健之美果。I leant tai chi from the twenties, not having any title as Mr, but are keeping a keen interest in scientific dissection of the fa jin secret. I wrote several volume of biology books in HK last century.  I was rarely speaking when I was young as I was not yet understanding the jin mechanics. But was lucky to come across Master Ji, she is very strong in fa jin. Whenever my student ask me question that I do not know, I will keep it in my heart and when I find the key to that question usually turned into my strength. In writing the Secret of Fa Jin, I explain the process of Air condensing into the Dan Ten by physical means and grab the CG ball for fa jin. When I wrote the Jin Mechanics, I crack open the movement of CG ball by momentum law of physics and predict concisely the impacting force and effect of a jin. In establishing the King Tai Chi Academy, I install the gyroscope into human body for the manipulation of jin in-and-out which surprise all learners with that strong immediate effect. The Academy also balance the interesting effect of fa jin and the health demand from students, those applied  skills for health are rarely seen even in professional books. Students from time to time testify that they relieved from joint pain suffer before and can walk swiftly like an engine. That is why I speak unceasingly, because the skills apply in fa jin is the same in walking and running, and I can see no one who could not be improved in the sport performance and use walking for health maintenance, that the Academy could not afford powerful support for mankind.

感謝先生暖意,聽我肺俯言,希在學院再能共聚暢談功法境界。記先生訓誨,網上存知己天崖若彼鄰,共勉之。Thanks for Mr warm support to listen my heart speaking, wish you can go Academy and continue our exploration on the splendid kung fu reign. Still remember your first words modified, “a well known friend on the web, the world corners are just neighbor”.

Sincerely yours,

William HK Pang

(M Ed., BBA, BSc, Cert Ed.) Founder of King Tai Chi Academy & Fa Jin Research Centre

Author of Secret of Fa Jin & Jin Mechanics