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申請入會 Membership Application

成為「勁太極」會員,可直接享用全部網上150條視頻,經「勁論壇」與彭老師直接討論,報讀為會員而設的養生發勁課程,參加中心的自費和免費活動,助你練出真功夫,極目人體物理潛能,見武術境界的奇妙。Being our “Jin Tai Chi” member, you can have UN-restricted access to the 150 tubes in the web, you will discuss with Master Pang directly in the “Jin Forum”, you can join the courses for health and fa jin designated for prestigious members, you may attend pay or free member activities, along you gain real kung fu, realize your full body potential, and see the spectacular  martial art realm.

導學課程 Guided Study

「 導學課程」專為個別會員而設,共分十段,針對功法的保健養生、發勁自衛和分析判斷三方面進行訓練。課程經網上學習,藉導師編排的學習過程,以電郵、論壇、視頻等多種形式,進行互動,以達到「藏經閣」文件0510,對該段的水準要求。每段互動學習不超過8星期,收費是HK$1,000元正。”Guided Study” is for individual member enrollment, it divides into 10 levels, specifically for health improvement, fa jin interest and jin analysis in sport, a total of three aspects. The curriculum is study through the web, according to coach’s direction in the learning process, via email, forum, tubes etc., in an interactive way, achieving the requirement stated in the document 0510 of the “Paradigm Corner”.